About Us

Marem is a family company, which started its activity in 1984. We have been using the name "MAREM" since 1993. We are one of the first steam washing machine producers in Poland. We have been cooperating with many famous Polish producers such as POLAR.

All of our products are constructed and produced by members of our staff. Our employees are still working in order to improve our products. We strive to achieve the best results: to create precise, proof, safe and ergonomic machines.

Perfect staff, experience in designing, technical traditions and modern machine park meet the needs of our customers.

We provide our customers with a complete maintenance. Using our experience, knowledge, machine park and skills of our staff we are able to make any kind of repair of our machines all over Poland.

Our employees are well skilled and qualified and ready to help you with a maintenance of any kind. We use modern and technologically advanced machines to make the diagnosis. All of those features make the time and costs of maintenance reduced to minimum.

We offer our customers Loyalty programs providing attractive discounts on our products and service.

In our offer we have also "EXPRESS SERVICE" service, what means a troubleshooting right after registration in our MAREM CMP service without previous fixing a date. "EXPRESS SERVICE" consists of solving minor problems being results of exploitation. The time of maintenance must be up to 30 minutes.

Keeping our customers' expectations in the front of our minds we have our service open 9 hours a day (9.00 AM ? 6.00 PM).