Self-service steam washer

Self-service steam washer is a brand new device designed to revolutionise car-wash branch. It attracts new customers and may be a brilliant idea for starting a new business or make such business as car wash, gas station, parking, car service more lucrative.

It helps solve many problems and is uniquely effective in washing car exterior and interior. Moreover, it provides user with unique comfort of work. It also stands out from the others because of its ecology.

The device is designed for a self-service. It allows user to cleanup car exterior and interior including upholstery, ventilation ducts and the whole car interior, car body and rims, which cannot be washed in water car washes.


Boiler power 5 W
Boiler capacity 5 l
Stainless steel boiler
Working pressure 8 / 6 bar
Steam temperature 180 °C
Water container 30 l
Detergent container 20 l
Maksymalny przepływ pary 7,5 kg/h
Zbiornik nieczystości 55 l
Maks. temperatura wlotu 90 / max 120 °C
Vacuum cleaner power 2000 W
Air flow 3115 l/min
Vacuum pressure 2250 mmH2O
Dimensions 910 x 520 x 1500 cm
Moc maks. 6500 W
Payment method monety